No matter what I write, it always has a philosophical aspect. In my fiction (as yet unpublished), I try to combine robust story-based genre fiction with worthy philosophical insights. I simply cannot keep the “message” out of my work. I feel compelled to say something. The writing just seems empty and worthless if it does not present an idea that matters to me. This is not to say that my work is always interesting, merely that it always carries some freight. I am just that kind of writer.

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I love reading, thinking, and writing. What goes on in my mind inevitably ends up in my stories, books, and blog. (Image: wpclipart.com)

This blog typifies my non-fiction output. Other than the odd humorous piece, everything here has some intellectual and/or philosophical content. My interests are broad, but do tend to concentrate in certain areas. First, I love philosophy in the old sense of the word – love of wisdom as it applies to how life should be lived. I have an integrated coherent philosophy of life and enjoy sharing it with others. You may conveniently sample the various aspects of the blog by clicking a few links on this page.

Jungian psychology has fascinated me for decades. I am not referring to the foolish “New Age” variant now gaining popularity. For me, it has to be the real deal, individuation, the unconscious and ego’s proper relation to it, authenticity, wholeness, and the Self. I see the process of self-discovery and the attendant lifelong pursuit of self-realization as the true immensely-rewarding spiritual life. By actualizing ourselves, we contribute to the society that shelters us.

In a related vein, I am interested in all aspects of how the human mind works. The nature of genius is especially significant for me.

Another of my passions is creativity research. Creative people, especially writers, captivate me. You will find references to various types of creators in my posts. I delight in shedding some light on the lifestyles and work habits of creative people. Famous creators are my heroes and role models.

Last, I love the art and craft of writing. I know those waters are well charted, but from time to time, I will put my oar in anyway. You might find my take on some familiar topics a little different.

Considered as whole, the blog is an attempt to synthesize or integrate creativity, psychology, philosophy, and spirituality into one coherent package or worldview. What you encounter here is my worldview.

19 thoughts on “About”

  1. I’m going to have to spend some time catching up on your posts. It’s so rare to find thoughtful considerations of creativity and the creative life. Water in the desert.

  2. I am just beginning to wet my toes in Jungian psychology – and it is wonderful to read someone who is not into that New Age variant you write about above! I also relate to what you say about wanting to write words that hold personal meaning – so true. Every time I step into the library or do a Google search I am disheartened at the way words are sometimes written so thoughtlessly and dumped into the world… hmm. Anyway. Glad to have discovered your site today, and look forward to reading your posts. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for visiting, Mel. I’m always happy when I hear that someone has become interested in Jungian psychology. If you want to see how I entered the Jungian universe, go to my Goodreads page (the link is in the sidebar) and examine my psychology shelf. There you will see many of the books by and about Jung that I read when learning about his work. Pay attention to my ratings. Some things written about Jung are nonsense. As the great psychologist anticipated, many students of his work do not understand it. Happy exploring!

  4. It’s okay to call me Thomas, Corrisa, even if I am as old as Adam! I, and a number of others, apparently, wanted to show my appreciation for your effort in finding the post you re-blogged.

  5. No problem Thomas.
    It was a guest post. Ty was willing to write that amazing piece for my blog. He deserves the thank you!

  6. I’m still here TPL. Sometimes blogging has to take a back seat to life’s more pressing realities. My old Mom (91 as of this date) has been failing for some time now and I am trying to make the most of what life remains to her. Many thanks for your kind interest in the blog.

  7. It’s rare to find a blog so beautifully illustrated and profound. I’m blessed that I chanced upon your blog. Your writing is a wonderful mix of contemporary ideas and spiritualism. I’ve feasted upon only a few posts, will go through all of them soon. Makes for some very value-for-time reading. 😀

  8. I’m genuinely excited that I found your writing.
    I hope you haven’t lost your fervor in doing so.

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