I have written several posts about authentic will and illuminated its roots in the psyche. As a way of discovering what you will, I have put forward the idea of employing resonance. That is, look around for those things that stir feelings of joy, delight, bliss or enchantment and there you will find what you truly want (will). This is so, because what you see or experience is resonating with (stimulating) your emotionally important ideas, the origin of will. Notice that, while your will comes from within, what I am suggesting relies on external objects, situations, activities, and so on. Personally, I like the realistic aspects of this approach. I am a big believer in actualities.

Phosphorescent Waves on a Maldives Beach at Night

Imagination can illuminate buried, forgotten, or neglected sources of joy and energize your life by putting will back into the picture. (Photo: public domain)

As you might expect, there is a more direct way of activating will and that is by means of the imagination. If you allow yourself to imagine freely, what matters most to you (in a positive way) will emerge in your mind’s eye as images or little dramas that play out some desired outcome. Your emotionally-important ideas are taking shape, albeit in a non-objective form. The strength of this approach is its ease and directness. Its weakness is its potential lack of realism. Willing something actual and attainable is quite a different experience than willing pie in the sky.

The point here is motivation or the activation of will. Imagination can liberate buried, forgotten, or neglected sources of joy and energize your life by putting will back into the picture. You truly will to possess the imagined object. You will to accomplish the imagined goal or engage in the visualized activity. You have forged new connections with those vital emotionally-important ideas that underpin your very existence as a person, the ideas that form your authentic self.

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