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Cover of Einstein's Folly by Thomas Cotterill

My short story will be available soon.

My first published story, “Einstein’s Folly,” will be coming out on Smashwords and Amazon in the near future. In it, I’m taking a run at proving Einstein wrong. Seriously. I believe the whole time-dilation idea associated with travelling near the speed of light is a misunderstanding and I think I can prove it. Since I’m not a scientist, I’m presenting my neat little “thought experiment” as speculative fiction. Even if I’m wrong, I hope you’ll admit that what I have to say is worth thinking about and lots of fun. The tale features big clocks, coffee shops, telescopes, a worm hole, and – well – donuts. So stay tuned.

I’m still debating which of my novels to publish first. They all need more work, but I’m finally going to single out just one and concentrate there until it’s ready. I’m not getting any younger. In the meantime, I’ll keep putting out more short stories.

Have a look at the “My Novel in Progress” page (in the menu bar) for an overview of the novel I am most likely to finish first.

Visit this page for updates on my progress and / or setbacks. I’ve never prepared and uploaded an ebook before so things may not go smoothly!

3 thoughts on “My Work”

  1. Thanks for your interest, Cuhome. I have been promising this story for months. When I started my blog I grossly underestimated how long it would take me to learn about the blogging process. Now being six months in, I think it’s high time I bestirred myself and delivered the goods!

  2. I totally get it… I’m taking a break from mine for a bit… but am enjoying grazing around the blogosphere… SO many talented, wonderful writers out there!!!

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