Replacing God’s Inner and Outer Comfort

When Christianity was strong in the West, the concept of God answered both the need for external physical protection and the interior need for something to account for that sense of the numinous most of us sense now and then. That is, God was, at the same time powerfully immanent in the cosmos and the comforting “God within our bosoms.” One could say that God was continuous across a boundary of objective outer and subjective inner life. People quite naturally felt a greater kinship with the world – or even the cosmos, if one included the crude conceptualization of the heavens extant at the time. Everything, including the human race was part of God’s Creation. The concept of the individual was not particularly well-developed.

The Hebrew Concept of God

God once provided both physical security and inner comfort. Now our needs are divided between the state and psychology. (Photo: public domain)

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Socialism Tramples Unpopular Minorities

A herd of cows symbolizes herd mentality

Who shall we trample next? Socialism allows majority voting blocs to use government as a weapon against minorities. (Image: Public Domain Pictures)

More than ever before, people gleefully identify with and join “the herd.” I believe a lust for power in an age when individuals feel helpless drives this rapacious enthusiasm for joining the “majority.” Socialism is the major contributing factor here. When socialist democracies (and all Western nations are socialist democracies) espouse the idea that any majority has the right to control the property, money, and behaviour of any minority, it inevitably elevates herd thinking and values to the status of duly enacted law. The herd votes to clobber the rich, the one percent, the conservatives, Wall Street, the bankers, or big oil. Even smokers take it on the chin, as does anyone else who has unluckily aroused the herd’s anger or acquired a negative image in the leftist-dominated media. This observable fact makes participation in the herd a way to control others through the government. The aim is to restore, albeit ultimately at one’s own expense, one’s sense of personal empowerment.

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