Always Here If You Need Me Award

A grateful thank you to Phillip McCollum for nominating me for this interesting award. In his own acceptance post, Phillip says he’s horrible when it comes to following up on blog awards. His humble honest admission filled me with guilt. No one is more tardy with award follow-ups than I am. I got to thinking what a terrible person I must be (again). Then I realized that some of us are not comfortable shouldering a lot of praise. With this cunning piece of rationalization under my belt, I was saved from another round of depression — not to mention some nasty self-assessment!

Always Here If You Need Me Award
Yes, but am I always here because I’m reliable – or because I’m totally obsessive? (i.e. Are you sure you want to know me?)
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Silver Quill Blogger Award

The Silver Quill Blogger Award Icon

Katherine Givens has nominated me for the Silver Quill Blogger Award! It is a genuine pleasure to be so honoured by a young up-and-coming author and poet. Thank you, Katherine.

Honours always come with obligations so I will take care of these right away.

As per the award’s rules, I have answered the following questions:

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