Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Thank You for the Nomination

I want to thank Lucinda Elliot, talented Gothic novelist and all-around good person, for the nomination.

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The VIB Badge

Seven Facts About Me

I’m trying to lose some weight and cannot explain why the following facts came to mind.

  1. My favourite fast food meal is a chicken burger with tomato lettuce and mayo, and French-fries on the side.
  2. I am a dedicated tea lover and only drink coffee when dining out (and only then because the tea in Canadian restaurants is appalling).
  3. I love Coke Zero. Great taste that fools the body into thinking it just got something all sugary and energizing.
  4. Chocolate-covered coconut bars call out to me from store shelves (in both official languages, naturally).
  5. A bowl of crunchy Bran Buds is part of my breakfast routine.
  6. The pheromones emitted by donuts have a profound effect upon my mind making me forget all about dieting and causing me to see myself in the mirror as being slimmer than I thought.
  7. I am remarkably good with numbers – except when it comes to adding up calorie counts, which I always (strangely) seem to underestimate. Not that I’m dishonest or anything! 🙂

My Own Nominees for the Award

Try these wonderful blogs!

  1. Taste for Adventure – domestic, intelligent, and uplifting
  2. A Poem for Every Day – classic poems with a penetrating and inspiring gloss
  3. Another Wandering Soul – high calibre contemporary poetry
  4. River of the Heart – lovely poetry with an Asian flavour
  5. Wandering Gypsy Spirit – a philosophical trucker!

The Rules of the Award

1. Thank and link back to the blogger who nominated you.

2. Add the award image to the top of your post.

3. Share seven facts about yourself.

4. Nominate fifteen other blogs (with links) and inform them about it.

(My advice: If you find fifteen a bit daunting, nominate what you feel comfortable with. There is no need to be rigid. You can add more later if you want.)

Liebster Blog Award

Opening Remarks

Back in January, the gothic-horror writer Lucinda Elliot nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award. I thank her sincerely for the honour. The long delay in putting up the acceptance post stems in part from a breakdown in my defences against manic-depressive illness. Things have been a bit rocky this year and the approaching equinox is only making things worse. (For those who may not know, manic-depressives are often sensitive to changes in the length of the day. This alters most rapidly near the spring and autumn equinoxes disturbing everyone’s brain chemistry to one extent or another and causing serious mood swings in the susceptible.)

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Many thanks to Lucinda Elliot for her kind nomination.
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Blogger Idol Award

Blogger Idol Logo

Thanks to that stellar blogger Adam S for the award nomination. May his beat go on.

Thanks to Adam S for nominating me as a recipient of the Blogger Idol Award. Such nods between bloggers are gestures of respect. I especially like the tagline on this award’s logo, “because writers are the new rock stars.” Whatever truth there may be in this, the Internet made it so. Much of what we post to blogs would have found no outlet in the traditional print world. In the same way that the rock revolution of the fifties and sixties changed the way we think about music, the Internet revolution has changed the way we regard the written word. Reversing a decades-long downward trend, more people read now than have ever read before.

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Silver Quill Blogger Award

The Silver Quill Blogger Award Icon

Katherine Givens has nominated me for the Silver Quill Blogger Award! It is a genuine pleasure to be so honoured by a young up-and-coming author and poet. Thank you, Katherine.

Honours always come with obligations so I will take care of these right away.

As per the award’s rules, I have answered the following questions:

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